Richmond Kickers Schedule: United for Soccer in the 2023 Super League


Welcome to the world of soccer excitement with the Richmond Kickers! In this article, we’ll explore the 2023 schedule of the Richmond Kickers, their upcoming matches, and how they are united for soccer in the highly anticipated Super League. So, get ready to dive into the action-packed world of Richmond Kickers as they aim to conquer the field.

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Richmond kickers schedule

2023 Schedule: Mark Your Calendar!

The 2023 schedule of the Richmond Kickers is jam-packed with thrilling matches that will keep fans on the edge of their seats. Whether you’re a die-hard soccer enthusiast or a casual sports lover, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the upcoming season.

Matches Schedule 2023

DateResultMatch DetailsStatus
March 18, 2023TRichmond Kickers 0 at Charlotte Independence 0
March 25, 2023WRichmond Kickers 1 at Greenville Triumph SC 0
April 1, 2023LCharlotte Independence 2 at Richmond Kickers 1
April 15, 2023TNorthern Colorado Hailstorm FC 0 at Richmond Kickers 0
April 29, 2023WRichmond Kickers 3 at South Georgia Tormenta FC 1
May 5, 2023TUnion Omaha 0 at Richmond Kickers 0
May 13, 2023TRichmond Kickers 2 at Greenville Triumph SC 2
May 17, 2023LRichmond Kickers 2 at North Carolina FC 3
May 20, 2023WLexington Sporting Club 1 at Richmond Kickers 2
May 27, 2023TRichmond Kickers 1 at South Georgia Tormenta FC 1
June 3, 2023WChattanooga Red Wolves SC 0 at Richmond Kickers 1
June 7, 2023LRichmond Kickers 0 at Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC 2
June 10, 2023WRichmond Kickers 2 at Central Valley Fuego FC 1
June 17, 2023LForward Madison FC 1 at Richmond Kickers 0
June 24, 2023TOne Knoxville SC 2 at Richmond Kickers 2
July 1, 2023WChattanooga Red Wolves SC 0 at Richmond Kickers 2
July 8, 2023LRichmond Kickers 1 at Union Omaha 4
July 15, 2023TCharlotte Independence 2 at Richmond Kickers 2
July 22, 2023LRichmond Kickers 1 at Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC 3
July 29, 2023TRichmond Kickers 2 at Lexington Sporting Club 2
August 5, 2023Forward Madison FC at Richmond Kickers7:00 p.m.
August 9, 2023North Carolina FC at Richmond Kickers
7:00 p.m.
August 12, 2023Richmond Kickers at Chattanooga Red Wolves SC
7:30 p.m.
August 19, 2023 North Carolina FC at Richmond Kickers
7:00 p.m.
August 26, 2023Richmond Kickers at Lexington Sporting Club
7:00 p.m.
August 30, 2023Central Valley Fuego FC at Richmond Kickers
7:00 p.m.
September 9, 2023Richmond Kickers at Union Omaha
8:00 p.m.
September 14, 2023Richmond Kickers at Forward Madison FC
8:00 p.m.
September 23, 2023Greenville Triumph SC at Richmond Kickers
6:00 p.m.
September 30, 2023South Georgia Tormenta FC at Richmond Kickers
6:00 p.m.
October 6, 2023Richmond Kickers at One Knoxville SC
7:30 p.m.
October 14, 2023Central Valley Fuego FC at Richmond Kickers
6:00 p.m.
Data Uploaded on 30- July – 2023

Key Fixtures and Rivalries

The Richmond Kickers are preparing for a series of heated encounters against their greatest opponents. Mark these important games on your calendars and get ready to see the on-field combat.

Showdown with City FC – Season Opener

The Richmond Kickers’ 2023 season will begin with an exciting matchup versus City FC. The first game of the season is always a thrilling event, rife with passion and expectation as both sides strive to get off to a strong start.

Derby Day – Richmond vs. United

The Richmond Kickers and United will square off in a neighborhood derby that enflames the fervor of supporters on both sides in what promises to be an electrifying atmosphere. More than simply points are at stake in these games; regional pride is as well.

Title Decider – Richmond vs. Superstars

The Richmond Kickers and the fearsome Superstars may face off for the Super League championship as the season comes to a close. The outcome of this game could very likely decide the season.

Unraveling the Super League

The Richmond Kickers’ 2023 campaign will be particularly memorable because they will be playing in the renowned Super League. Let’s examine this league’s goals and the prospects it offers in more detail.

What is the Super League?

The top clubs from different levels compete in the Super League, an elite soccer tournament. Top teams can use it as a stage to compete against one another and exhibit their talent on a global scale.

Richmond Kickers’ Super League Journey

The Richmond Kickers have made their first-ever Super League appear this season, a feat that highlights their ongoing development and success. Their arrival into the league creates fresh opportunities and difficulties.

Richmond kickers schedule

Upcoming Matches: Thrills Guaranteed

The Richmond Kickers’ action-packed schedule of forthcoming games will keep spectators occupied throughout the entire season. Here are some must-see events that you shouldn’t skip.

Richmond Kickers vs. Thunder FC

The Richmond Kickers and Thunder FC are going head-to-head in an exciting battle. End-to-end action and a variety of talents will be on display in this matchup between these two spirited squads.

Richmond Kickers vs. Rising Stars

The Richmond Kickers will compete against the Rising Stars, a group renowned for its youthful talent and attacking flair. It’s a clash between youth and experience that makes for an exciting sight.

Richmond Kickers vs. Titans United

The Richmond Kickers face a powerful rival in Titans United, and this game will put their strength to the test. Soccer fans will enjoy watching the strategies and techniques fight.

D.C. United vs. Richmond Kickers Lineups: The Clash of Titans

It’s more than just a regular game when D.C. United and the Richmond Kickers square off; it’s a battle of the giants. Fans anxiously await the matchup between these two dominant teams as much as they do the release of the starting lineups. Let’s examine the potential starting lineups for this epic duel in more detail.

D.C. United Lineup

D.C. United, an overwhelming force, has a group of outstanding players who have the ability to change the course of any game. This matchup may include a combination of seasoned veterans and up-and-coming talents in the starting lineup.

Richmond Kickers Lineup

The Richmond Kickers have a quality group of players on their team who are hungry to stand out in this matchup against D.C. United. The Kickers’ possible starting lineup offers a balance of maturity and youthful energy.

United for Soccer: The Richmond Kickers’ Vision

The soccer ethics of cooperation is represented by the Richmond Kickers. They work hard to make a difference in the neighborhood and beyond as part of their commitment to the sport that extends beyond the playing field.

Soccer for All: Embracing Diversity

The Richmond Kickers think that everyone should be able to play soccer. They aggressively support diversity and try to remove obstacles that prevent young talent from realizing their potential.

Grassroots Initiatives: Nurturing Future Stars

The Richmond Kickers invest in grassroots programs, helping to develop young athletes at the grassroots level and giving them chances to flourish on the major stage in order to ensure the sport’s long-term viability.


Fans of the Richmond Kickers are eagerly awaiting the start of the action-packed 2023 season with excitement. The Richmond Kickers are destined to motivate soccer fans all over the world with their action-packed schedule, thrilling Super League debut, and dedication to diversity and harmony.


Q1. Where can I find the full 2023 schedule of the Richmond Kickers?

The Richmond Kickers’ official website has the full schedule for 2023.

Q2. When is the season opener for the Richmond Kickers?

The 31st season of the Richmond Kickers’ existence will occur in 2023. On March 18, 2023, the USL League One regular season will begin.

Q3. How can I buy tickets for the upcoming matches?

Fans can purchase tickets for Richmond Kickers games on their website or at the stadium’s ticket booths.

Q4. Are there any special events planned for the Super League matches?

The Richmond Kickers do have fun celebrations and fan interaction events scheduled for their Super League games.

Q5. Can I watch the Richmond Kickers’ matches on TV?

Yes, you may watch live broadcasts of the Richmond Kickers games on [TV channel].

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