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English Sad Poetry 2 Lines


It’s better to make yourself strong rather than seeking support.


*We have made this person our confidant.


Being beautiful doesn’t guarantee anything,
It’s all about destiny and love

English Nine
English Best

The benefactor didn’t fade away from my eyes when,
I had the sun shining upon me, but night fell.

Latest English

People don’t just shake hands with you, they greet your status.

English Sad

The end of love was very bitter,
They stopped meeting, and we stopped living.

Best 20 Poetry

When you find someone sincere, hold onto them with care,
Don’t start testing them with your experiences


Apart from the skill of causing heartache, they have no other talent. 💔 ..!!

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I desired to master the art of humiliating a person.

English Sad Poetry

Youthfulness cannot be hidden by concealing it.

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Best Sad English

Where do I distribute my sorrows,
I keep my belongings only to myself.

Relationship is not leisure, it needs attention

Everyone wanted to leave me.

Best Emotional Poetry


All floors are repairable
Except for credit…❗🖤

After the relationship with you ends
I ended the Chin Chin relationship

Come on, we will keep your words, your memories

English Seven

No doubt about your behavior
I had high hopes for you

Compassionate words now sound bitter

English Eleven Poetry

Do not expect good for yourself by doing bad to someone

How many years have you wasted?
Behind a loved one

Slavery to the beloved is the only slavery in which freedom is feared

Sad Ten

A good person is in my hands

Flowers do not wither, but their time is fulfilled

Life has been a mess..
In four days .. in two days!

English Twelve Sad

People say be happy
But let me be happy

Stop for a moment
I bring happiness

Latest English Sad Poetry

We are not worthy of anyone, that’s why we have started staying away from everyone 💔

We never persecute him who is happy without us

You don’t want to do it, but you also love…?

You don’t want to get and you are afraid to lose

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